Nominations for the Femtech World Awards 2024 are now closed. 

Women make up 50% of the world’s population, yet they are still fighting for health equality. We are on a mission to change that.  

As part of our biggest event to date, Femtech World will be recognising some of the most impactful femtech innovators advancing research, addressing inequalities and redefining the traditional women's health landscape. 

Delivered in partnership with IVF 2.0, the Femtech World Awards 2024 aims to shine a light on the world's leading innovators and disruptors harnessing the power of technology to improve the access and quality of healthcare for women worldwide. 

Key dates
Oct 16 2023: Nominations open
Feb 29 2024: Nominations close
Mar-Apr 2024: Shortlisting and judging process
May 2024: Winners announced

Award Categories

Leader of the Year
sponsored by IVF 2.0
Company of the Year
sponsored by Guidea
Menopause Innovation
sponsored by Fairtililty
OB/GYN Innovation
sponsored by Cross Border Ventures
Fertility Innovation
sponsored by Apryl
Maternity Innovation
sponsored by Femtech Tokyo
Women's Cancer Innovation
sponsored by Finn Partners
Gender Inclusive Employer
sponsored by Wellbeing of Women
Research Project
sponsored by Future Fertility
Mental Health & Wellbeing
sponsored by Ardo medical Ltd

Categories and sponsors

Successful leadership is integral to the success of any femtech enterprise. Our Leader of the Year Award will recognise an inspiring leader who can convey the company's mission to its employees and express the vision for its future.

About the sponsor

IVF2.0 Ltd. is a UK company using AI to improve IVF outcomes. Their tools help embryologists better select oocytes, embryos, and sperm to ease workload and  increase pregnancy success rates. 

Products commercially available include ERICA which uses computer vision and deep learning to analyse embryo development and rank quality and SiD which AI-assists sperm selection.

With a strong research background, peer-reviewed publications and experienced leadership from industry leaders Alejandro Chavez Badiola, Andrew Drakeley and Jacques Cohen, IVF2.0 provides data-driven innovations to fertility clinics globally. The company is well-positioned to become a premier AI provider in assisted reproductive technology. 

The impact of femtech goes beyond developing new technologies. By addressing some of the most pressing issues in healthcare, femtech helps drive conversation, understanding and wider awareness of women's health, changing the way we universally see and perceive healthcare. Our Company of the Year Award will shine a light on a purpose-driven organisation committed to breaking down taboos and completely revolutionising women's health.

About the sponsor

Guidea is a women-owned, women-led UX design consultancy focused on digital health and femtech. Their UX sponsorship program, Femovate, is currently supporting 30+ early stage femtech founders who are at leading the next wave of women’s health innovation.

Over the past 18 years, Guidea has delivered award-winning experiences that have touched the lives of over one billion people worldwide. Guidea’s personalised design approach and proven strategies have empowered leaders in top health companies, medical schools, and pharmaceutical giants to deliver high performing digital health solutions for patients, providers and payers.

Workplace equality, diversity and inclusion is about valuing every employee as an individual. Research shows gender stereotypes hold women back in the workplace while misrepresentation can lead to women of colour being discriminated against. Our Gender-Inclusive Employer of the Year Award aims to honour an organisation that nurtures an inclusive work environment and respects the unique needs, perspectives, and potential of their diverse workforce.

About the sponsor

Wellbeing of Women is the health charity that saves and changes the lives of women, girls and babies through research, education and advocacy.

From period problems and starting a family, to menopause and gynaecological cancers, we are here for women’s gynaecological and reproductive health. We’re tackling the taboos surrounding women’s health and striving towards a better future for every woman, girl and baby.

Each year, millions of women benefit from our research, our campaigns and our health information.

Everyone has the right to a safe pregnancy and birth, regardless of their race, religion and background. Our Maternity Innovation Award aims to honour a groundbreaking innovation that could transform maternity care and pave the path for better maternal outcomes.

About the sponsor

Femtech Tokyo is a show for Women's Health and Empowerment of all ages.

This event aims to raise awareness in society about various types of femtech and femcare products and services, including menstrual care, reproduction, pregnancy/postnatal care, pre-menopause/menopause and general women's health.

The show brings together importers, retailers, manufacturers, local governments and medical institutions to promote exhibitors' products and solutions for various women's concerns.

We provide opportunities for companies with femtech/femcare related products/services to expand their business. We also help to spread awareness of the importance of femcare to society through seminars, events and mass media outreach.

Even though it is experienced by half of the population, menopause has been surrounded by taboos and myths. While that's starting to change, more needs to be done to support women navigating menopause. Our Menopause Innovation Award aims to celebrate a ground-breaking innovation that promises to shake up the landscape of traditional menopause care and shape the future of the industry.

About the sponsor

Fairtility™ is advancing reproductive care through the power of transparent AI to help clinicians and their patients on the reproductive care journey. Fairtility believes that transparency is critical when AI intersects with human life. Its flagship software, CHLOE™, is a transparent AI-based decision support tool providing clinicians with visibility into clinical and laboratory parameters crucial to improving reproductive care outcomes in IVF, fertility preservation and egg donation. Fairtility aims to expand CHLOE™'s application across the entire reproductive care journey, from assessing infertility causes to optimising embryo transfer.

With one in six people experiencing infertility at some point in their lifetime, helping couples fulfil the dream of parenthood has never felt more important. Our Fertility Innovation Award will celebrate an innovative solution that empowers patients and reimagines fertility care.

About the sponsor

Apryl is the top fertility benefits provider in the UK and Europe, helping companies attract and retain talent by offering staff access to inclusive fertility and family forming services. Apryl helps employees access everything from egg freezing and IVF through to adoption, subsidized by employers but kept confidential. Apryl's team of experts support employees throughout their fertility journey, to ensure they feel confident, supported and safe.

Worldwide, millions of women living with conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and pelvic organ prolapse are struggling with extreme pain, heavy bleeding and poor mental health. Delays in seeking care and prolonged waits for gynaecology appointments have devastating impacts on both women's physical and mental health. Our OB/GYN Innovation of the Year Award aims to shine a light on an organisation poised to change the way we detect and treat gynaecological conditions and redefine the future of obstetrics and gynaecology. 

About the sponsor

Cross-Border Impact Ventures is an impact venture capital firm on a mission to revolutionise venture capital investing in health technology. We invest in early-growth stage health technology companies commercialising medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, and digital health innovations and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. All innovations we finance are relevant to women, children, and adolescent health and located in North America, Europe and Israel with ability to scale technologies to emerging markets. We are driven by our belief that good health should not be restricted by gender, age, race, wealth and borders and seek to expand access to our portfolio’s world class technologies inclusively and globally.

Women have historically been excluded from toxicology or biomedical research. However, we know they have unique health needs and are affected by diseases differently than men. Our Research Project of the Year Award aims to shine a light on an organisation working towards accelerating women's healthcare research, addressing barriers to care and developing imaginative solutions and therapies.

About the sponsor

Future Fertility is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to unlock the future of personalised fertility care around the world, starting with the oocyte (human egg).
In today’s standard of care, there is no objective, standardised oocyte scoring system. Embryologists are unable to assess oocyte quality through visual assessment of oocytes under a microscope. As a result, clinicians must rely on generalised population health statistics to predict oocyte “quality”, likelihood of success and fertility diagnoses.
Future Fertility is the first company to develop objective, AI-based oocyte quality assessment tools. These non-invasive, clinically validated solutions use deep learning to analyse oocyte images to predict the likelihood of an oocyte becoming a blastocyst. This enables healthcare providers, embryologists, and patients to access personalised information that goes beyond the general statistical estimates of success to help manage expectations and guide treatment decisions.

As of the end of 2020, there were 8.8 million women living with cancer globally. With research showing as many as 800,000 women worldwide dying needlessly every year because they are denied optimal care, scientists have been recommending a woman-centred approach to cancer. Our Cancer Innovation of the Year Award aims to shine a light on an organisation devoted to accelerating innovation in oncology and saving millions of lives from cancer.

About the sponsor

FINN Partners is one of the fastest-growing, global marketing communications firms in the world, and still proudly independent. FINN has over 1400+ employees around the globe with 33 wholly owned offices. With deep expertise across sectors, FINN Partners delivers a full range of integrated marketing services relevant to key industry practice groups. The FINN Partners Global Health Practice is an industry powerhouse, helping clients navigate the complex and fragmented health ecosystem. With a presence that spans North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, the experienced communications and marketing teams that make up the FINN Health Practice offers unmatched counsel and guidance to clients across the globe.

Mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, affect men and women differently. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Innovation of the Year Award aims to recognise an innovative solution that leverages the power of technology to address the unmet needs in women's health and wellbeing. 

About the sponsor

Ardo is a Swiss family company which develops premium quality products in the femtech medical technology sector. These products support premature babies and newborns in their development, accompany mothers through their pregnancy and childbirth, through to breastfeeding and expressing.
Ardo is proud to be an approved supplier to the NHS and is your responsible partner when working with the WHO International Code. Compliance with the WHO Code is of vital importance to us.